A Call to Fellow Writers: Let’s Hit 1000 Followers Instead

Kizito Nyuytiymbiy
2 min readJan 15, 2022


Powerful Communities are Built By Shared Pains and Shared Dreams

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Fellow writers,

Why this Call Matters

We have a dream and we are here out of purpose. We never joined Medium to race for a hundred followers. Not at all. Passion led us here and passion keeps us imagining and scribing. We are writers.

But as the Medium community grows, we have to adopt new progressive rules to reflect that growth. The 100+ followers rule is one of such. It could be frustrating to reach that goal but with the follow-for-follow strategy, it has been a breeze for many people. We now can see it as a rising tide that lifts all boats.

It is so easy as a writer to focus only on writing great content, more or less oblivious about who is reading it. Haven’t we all been scribing? It’s like a chef who opens a restaurant just to cook great food but never bothers about selling it.

We have this opportunity to think more critically about the audience, and to build one. To do that organically and fast is virtually impossible. But the follow-for-follow vehicle has carried many on this platform to 1000+ followers. We can do the same here.

So, permit me to start another giant but slow starting ripple of follower waves here as many others have. This ripple will bub us all who choose to be part of it way beyond the 100+ mark. Action time!!!

  1. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. Next…
  2. Leave a comment here so that other like minds can follow you. Be the first so that everyone who comes later sees you first.
  3. Follow the people who’ll follow you. It’s in embracing each other that we fly.

This obviously is no long-term sustainable solution nor is it where our host platform is trying to take us. We are part of a huge factory and our products aren’t created for the factory. It’s for people who aren’t producers on this platform and those who are not yet on this platform that we are creating for, consumers. So let’s not forget to also collectively share ideas on how to effectively win people this platform. If you have already written on this topic, please drop a comment with a link as well.

I wish us all success. Keep the fire burning

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