A Call to Fellow Writers: Let’s Hit 1000 Followers Instead

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Why this Call Matters

We have a dream and we are here out of purpose. We never joined Medium to race for a hundred followers. Not at all. Passion led us here and passion keeps us imagining and scribing. We are writers.

  1. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. Next…
  2. Leave a comment here so that other like minds can follow you. Be the first so that everyone who comes later sees you first.
  3. Follow the people who’ll follow you. It’s in embracing each other that we fly.
Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash



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Kizito Nyuytiymbiy

Kizito Nyuytiymbiy

Transformational Speaker | Burgeoning Machine Learning Engineer | Founder loyaltoafrica.com | https://twitter.com/Kizito