Let It Sink In For a Moment

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Hey, it’s 2022; Happy new year🎆. We made it— we made it without even trying. My heart is dripping joy and glory as I am writing this because I am alive and here — here with you and that is amazing. Thank you for being here.

We have been given this wonderful opportunity to keep learning and growing and spreading goodness in the world and I’m super thankful for it. I know you can’t contain the magnitude of the blessing too. And so I took a few minutes just to remind us to “Let it sink in”.

There’s a knockout punch packed in reflection and gratitude. It knocks out anxiety, fear, worry, and dispels the so many dark clouds that try to mask the radiance of our hearts. I say: Let’s knock ’em out. Shall we?

Photo by Christopher Luther on Unsplash

Michelle Obama spoke about how the avalanche of new, unexpected, crazy things that happened when she was first lady completely inundated her such that she couldn’t even stop to take any of it in.

You and I have neither been in a “White House” nor are we bombarded by events of such magnitude — right? But an avalanche of activity and things tend to happen through the year, at the end of the year or at the start of a new one that might leave us equally inundated.

In some cases very little might be happening that leaves us rather mortified. Whatever the situation is, we need to pause, reflect, process it and let is sink it so that we don’t carry the past into the future mindlessly.

Writing Becoming helped Michelle Obama to “Let it sink in”. Writing allowed her to relive many things, reflect on them, untangle so many things, and connect some dots by looking backward.

You can only connect the dots looking backwards. Steve Jobs

I believe writing is a powerful tool for reflection and gratitude, that’s why I am here. So I want to encourage you to let it sink in by authoring your own Becoming. What happened? How did you feel about it? How do you feel about it now? How did you get here? What was the journey like? Where is your gratitude flowing? Can you connect some dots? Does it now make sense why someone left or why an ‘opportunity’ passed you by?

It must not make sense. That’s not the point. The point is “Let it sink in.” Don’t let everything that happens just fly pass. Reflect on your journey with gratitude. You’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Yes, you have. Absolutely. Remember that.

May this small piece make a small difference in your today. And thank you for being here and hey would you follow me here? That will be very kind of you and that will make my day. Blessings 🎊🙏.

Oh, one last thing. That little light of yours, would you let it shine? Yes?…. I’m ecstatic about that. I will leave it to you to decide how you’ll do that today. You friend, you are a big heart ❤♾




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Kizito Nyuytiymbiy

Kizito Nyuytiymbiy

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