7 Things Great Speakers Do that You Should Steal!

Greatness is in all of us, but only few know how to Show it Forth.

Kizito Nyuytiymbiy
3 min readAug 11, 2023

Here are 7 things great speakers do that you should be doing too to show forth your inner diamonds in a way that cannot be ignored.

The Heart Before the Head: 💙

Great speakers wear their heart on their sleeve. They care deeply about their message and, even more, about their audience. Emotional attachment is their driving force, as they understand that you can’t connect with people without emotional investment. They forge a connection that transforms listeners into believers by being vulnerable and sharing stories. So, they target the heart before the mind.

Audience-Centric Magic

Great speakers unlock the audience’s attention by putting the audience on center stage. They may be the center of the audience’s attention, but in their minds, they are not the center of attention. Rather they pick an audience member at each moment to be the center of their attention and they pour out momentous spotlight attention on that person. Great speakers are more interested in their audience than their message. They understand that for the message to matter, the audience must matter first. To them, their audience is a canvas; and as the artist, they know that you don’t just scribble or write on the canvas. You paint with all attention and craftmanship.

A Symphony of Senses: Mind, Heart, Body

Great speakers orchestrate a symphony of mind, heart, and body. Thoughts are translated to emotions, felt, and then allowed to flow through their voice and body. Next time you share a story, transport yourself back, feel the emotions, and let them surge through your voice, eyes, facial expressions and body movements. This connection amplifies your impact.

Eyes: The window for dialogue and connection

Great speakers speak with their eyes as much as they do with their mouths. They’re not just sharing; they’re learning. Their eyes gauge the audience’s reactions, seeking to understand how their words resonate and watching out for who they are touching. Some words touch some people more than others. A good speaker remains observant as to who their actual audience is at every moment because the audience is never the entire room but keeps changing from moment to moment. What you say at each moment resonates most with just a few people and you need to know them.

Size Is an Illusion: The way to the thousands is always the one.

Even with a crowd of thousands, the greats speak to one person at a time. They do not distinguish between large and small audiences. Every listener matters. From Jesus to Steve Jobs — their words ignited change, whether to one soul or a multitude. The way to the thousands is always the one. Get to one and you’ll do to many. So never tone down your delivery because only a few people showed up to listen. If only one animal came to drink from the river, it doesn’t become a stream. Flow. If only one fish swim in the ocean, it doesn’t become a swimming pool. Maintain your depth.

Repetition: The Key to Mastery

Repetition is the forge of greatness. Embrace it. Great speakers repeat, rehearse, and refine. They know that repetition sharpens the sword of eloquence. This truth echoes through time — those who repeat more, improve more. It’s only through consistent practice that mastery flourishes.

Listening and Watching Intently: The Source of Inspiration

Great speakers are avid listeners. They watch, they listen, they learn. Every interaction is a font of inspiration. They listen not just with their ears, but with the heart. In the whispers of the world, they find stories that shape their perspectives and words, and they store them like valued treasures. They dedicate time listen even to themselves. In the depth of your own heart too are treasures to be excavated and brought to the surface with pristine delivery.